Clueless …

Glenn Beck apparently responded to the Donald Duck video that was posted last week. It’s funny to see that he just doesn’t get it.. He goes on and on about how much talent, time, and money it would have taken to do this. As if this sort of editing takes a long time to put together.. Seriously, I’m pretty sure I can take a pre-existing video and overlay some sound on it.. He does hand out a pretty decent compliment in stating that it’s some of the best, well-made propaganda he’s ever seen. If you look at Jonathan McIntosh’s site (creator of the video), he even quotes Glenn now..

In fact, he seems to take such offense at it that he wants to investigate to figure out if Federal Funds were used to make it.. Sure, the person who made this may have received Federal Funds for other work he has created, but that doesn’t mean this was done for that project.. Seriously, Glenn, do you not understand that people can do more than one thing at a time?

And to top it off, he decides to quote Ghandi. Last time I checked, Glenn was against Communism and Socialism, right? So why is he quoting Ghandi, who advocated both?

Someone even took Glenn’s response and remixed it with a Mickey Mouse cartoon.. And the fun train rolls on …

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